(The fast and robust acoustic beamformer)


BeamformIt is an acoustic beamforming tool that accepts a variable amount of input channels and computes an output via a filter&sum beamforming technique.

BeamformIt was originally implemented by Xavier Anguera at ICSI for participation to the NIST RT05s Meetings evaluation to deal with the different number of microphone channels available in a meeting room. BeamformIt was then rewritten and improved for the RT06s evaluation and finally readjusted and documented for public release.

BeamformIt was initially focused towards processing the data used in the RT evaluations but it can now process all sorts of data. As of version 3.5 an effort has been made to eliminate almost all external library dependencies and a script has been created for "casual" beamforming users to have an easy-to-use tool for their acoustic beamforming needs.

If you use the software for research I would very much appreciate if you could cite my work, you can use any of the following citations:

Xavier Anguera (xanguera __--at--__, 2014